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The Mystery is all that is unique, distinct and/or unprecedented belonging to Church Age believers only.  Unknown to anyone before it was given to Paul in the heavenlies where it was fully disclosed to him by our great God and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 12:1-9)

The central features of the Mystery are;
 1. The true identity of Jesus Christ as God and our Savior 
 2. The true identity of the Church which is the Body of Christ, those slated for sharing the glory of Christ for all eternity.  

All of this due to all Christ accomplished by a life of sinless perfection followed by His voluntary, vicarious, substitutionary atoning death upon the cross.  Having fulfilled all righteousness prescribed by the Law and having paid the penalty demanded by justice for every infraction of the Holy Writ…. His sacrifice was accepted and God raised him From the dead with all those who only believe in Him as God and Savior, each one signed, sealed, delivered; saved, safe and eternally secure. Each one having been fully identified with Christ; crucified, buried, raised, ascended and seated together with Him in the heavenlies…full recipients of Christ’s victory by grace and through faith awaiting the glorious transformation of our bodies the only thing we presently lack. 

God's highest and best belongs to us both for time and for eternity.  Though we are not exempt from sickness, sorrow, suffering or death we are assured a life of great purpose, meaning and definition with superior happiness commensurate with our high and holy calling once we personally appropriate the blessedness of the mystery in it's 13 facets. 

Please join us on Sermonaudio each Tuesday and Sunday and face to face, when it is safe to do so, in order that we might interact and deeply learn together the Mystery of Christ and the Church which is His body to the glory of God who has given us these precious truths to fully implement.

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